This website is made for beginners and (hope so) intermediate guitar players. I like to think that I’m an intermediate player (maybe I’m overestimating myself) and with this guitar blog/site I wish to improve my knowledge and playing by sharing to other guitar enthusiasts what I have learned until now, because by learning others you can understand and learn much more by yourself.

I have started to learn and play guitar with a 3rd grade music theory book (for the first basic chords) and after that I’ve used only online resources, learning more chords, scales, reading tabs. I admit that I have much more to learn and practice but my scope is not to become a professional guitar player, but to learn as much as I can about playing and composing music for guitar (and not only).

Playing guitar (and any other musical instrument) is very good especially for children (and not only) because it helps them to develop nicely and increasing the intelligence. I like it because playing guitar is very relaxing and fun (and it’s also cool 😛 ).

If you have any thoughts regarding improving this website or other tips, I’m open for your suggestions and you can use the contact page.